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Most of the time you’ll transfer a car title yourself when you buy or sell a vehicle, boat, motorcycle, and truck privately.

When you buy your vehicle from a private seller, Broward Tags can help you with the title transfer and registration of the vehicle.

You will need the following to be able to complete the title transfer:

  • The title of the vehicle with the transfer section completed by the seller, proof of identification and proof insurance.
  • If the vehicle, boat, truck, or motorcycle had a lien previously, make sure that the owner has a lien satisfaction document that states the liens are satisfied. This document will ensure you will not be responsible for any of the liens on the vehicle once it’s been transfer to your ownership.
  • You should also obtain a Bill of Sale from the owner to show proof that you bought the vehicle.

All necessary paperwork is supplied at our agency where we help you take care of the paperwork to ensure everything is filled out properly and correct.

New to Florida:

When you and your family move to Florida from another state, Broward Tags wants to be your first great impression and welcome you to our sunshine state! To get your vehicles, boats, motorcycles, or trucks transferred to Florida, you’ll need to get a Florida title, vehicle registration, and a Florida license plate.
  • Your out-of-state vehicle title to transfer.
  • Proof of Florida Auto Insurance
  • Vehicle identification number (VIN) verification which can be done at our agency.

All required paperwork will be obtained at our agency where we will help you make sure everything processes smoothly.

Electronic Titles:

In Florida you can receive or give a vehicle, truck, boat, or motorcycle to anyone as a gift. Broward Tags can help you make it final by simply transferring the vehicle title to its proud new owner. The only thing you will need to transfer the title as a gift is the title and a bill of sale but, if you do not have a bill of sale, Broward Tags can help you with the affidavit.


If you recently inherited a vehicle, boat, truck, or motorcycle from a deceased person, Broward Tags can make the process easy for you.

We will help you apply for a transfer of ownership, to transfer the title over you’ll need:

  • The original title of the vehicle and if you do not have the original title we can request to obtain it for you.
  • A copy of the owner’s death certificate
  • A copy of the will, trust, or court order.


If the vehicle you’re buying or selling does not have a paper title, then the vehicle title was registered electronically.

Broward Tags can help you apply for a paper title and transfer the title over to buyer at the same time. We can help you get the electronic title into a paper title same day instead of waiting 10 days to receive the paper title in the mail.

Changes to Your Florida Title:

The only changes you can make on your current title is name changes and address changes.

Whenever you change your name or address both your title and registration need to transfer to your new name or address

You must update your Florida Driver first and then come into our agency to fill out the required paperwork. Please bring proof of your name change, court order or marriage license and Broward Tags will help you with the rest.