Handicapped Parking Permits

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Broward Tags will aid you in every way possible to help you receive your Handicapped placards or Handicapped plate.

We can provide both temporary and permanent placards and license plates.

  • A temporary handicapped placard is valid for up to 6 months
  • A permanent handicapped placard is valid for up to 4 years

Broward Tags can issue handicapped placards and plates for disabled individuals that meet state requirements and organizations that transport people with disabilities.

You can receive multiple placard if:

  • The disabled individual travels a lot
  • Quadriplegic applicants, which is a result of an injury or illness that caused paralysis of arms, legs, spinal cord or neck injuries and diseases.
  • Organizations that has multiple vehicles

You can apply for your handicapped placard and plates in person at our Broward Tag Agency located at 6750 Stirling Rd, Hollywood, FL 33024

– OR 

Broward Tags can make it convenient for those that resides in Broward by coming to you at home or work. Assisting you with the paperwork and delivering the handicapped parking permit or plate in hand. *Additional fees included*

To apply for a handicapped placard, you will need:

  • Florida Driver License or State ID
  • An Application for Disabled Person Parking Permit with a Medical certification on the application, that has been dated within the past 12 months and signed by any of the following:
  • General physician.
  • Podiatrist.
  • Chiropractor.
  • Osteopath.
  • Optometrist (can certify visual disabilities).
  • Nurse practitioner.
  • Physician’s assistant.

You can request to receive a Florida wheelchair license plate whenever you apply for your handicapped placard. Just like any regular plate you must renew your vehicle registration and your wheelchair license plate every year.

If you receive a wheelchair plate you must surrender your existing plate which Broward Tags can surrender for you in person, or at time of delivery for $10.

Renew My Handicapped Placard

The expiration date of your handicapped placard depends on the type of permit you have:

  • Temporary placards expire on the date your doctor indicated and are valid for no more than 6 months.
  • Permanent placards expire on your birthday every 4 years.
  • Permanent placards for organizations expire on June 30 every 4 years.
Broward Tags can help you renew your handicapped placard by providing a new Application for Disabled Person Parking Permit with the medical certification, dated within the last 12 months and signed by an approved medical professional.