Yes, any auto tag agency must be licensed, and the agency must also be insured. We are both licensed and insured with the State of Florida. We are a privately-owned courier tag agency that can help you with any of your vehicle needs. We can only process registration renewals online but everything else must be done in person at Broward Tags: 6750 Stirling Rd, Hollywood, FL 33024.

Yes, your registration can be delivered to you if you are in Broward County in hand from one our friendly staff. We can deliver your registration to you at work or home for an additional fee of $15. We deliver registrations Monday through Saturday between 6PM-9PM EST.

• At Broward Tags, we want to save you time and make it very convenient for our customers. You don’t have to wait in long lines, you don’t have to keep going back and forth with paperwork, and you do not have worry about dealing with attitudes!

The earliest you can renew your registration is 90 days (3 months) prior to your tag expiring. The state will not allow you to process your renewal any earlier than 90 days.

• Yes, you can renew your registration even if your tag expired. You will be subject to a late fee penalty and depend on how long it has been since you last registered your vehicle you will be subject to pay back taxes as well.

Yes, you can renew multiple vehicles at the same time. If you have more than two vehicles that need to be registered. In the message box please provide us with the make and year of all the vehicles, as well as the license plate number and the expiration of each tag. If there are separate insurances for each of the vehicles, please kindly email a picture of the insurance information for each vehicle.

If you choose our Mail To Home service, your registration will be shipped within 24 hours after being processed. Registrations are mailed through USPS First Class Mail which typically takes 3 to 7 business days excluding holidays. Shipping time may also take longer depending on where you want your registration shipped to.
You will receive an invoice from PayPal through email quoting you what the cost will be for your renewal. We will also send a courtesy text message informing you to check your email for your invoice.
Each vehicle has a base tax that is determined by the use and weight of the vehicle. There are County fees, state program fees, agency fees, late fees (if applicable), back taxes (if applicable), own a personalized or specialty plate, and delivery fees (if applicable).
You can only cancel your renewal if your registration was not processed yet. This can be canceled by emailing and calling us during business hours. We work very fast so the sooner you email and call us the better. If your registration has already been processed, then the state has already received your renewal fees and your tag is renewed.
  • If the owner of the vehicle is active duty the state only requires you to renew one year at a time. You will be refunded for the additional year.
  • If you went more than a year without renewing your vehicle the state will collect back taxes and fees to cover for that year the vehicle was not registered. In this case, you ended up paying for that year the vehicle was not registered and only receive a 1-year renewal. To receive a 2-year renewal you would have to pay an additional renewal year making it 3 times the cost.

You will receive an invoice from PayPal through email quoting you what the cost will be for your renewal. We will also send a courtesy text message informing you to check your email for your invoice.
Broward Auto Tags can ship your registration to you anywhere in the United States. Whenever your registration is renewed the state automatically go off the address that’s on your driver license. If the address on your driver license is not correct, you can go online to GoRenew.com and update your address. To correct the information on your registration you will have to go down to your local tax collector office to have it fixed and reprinted with the correct address.
Every 5 to 10 years the DMV will automatically issue you a new license plate. The state requires your license plate visibility to be fully reflectorized for law enforcement and tolls intersection cameras. It is no additional charge, but you must put the new license plate given to you as well as the decal sticker on your vehicle. You are required to surrender the old license plate which can be shipped with a money order, brought into our tag agency, or handed to us during delivery for $10.
There can be several reasons why your registration renewal was not processed and depending on the reasoning it can be resolved. Once you have resolved the issue you can contact us through telephone or email and place a new request.
  • Unpaid Tolls: If you have any unpaid tolls from MDX, E-Pass, Sunpass, DOT, LeeWay, THEA, or Toll-By-Plate; that will put a stop to renewing your registration. You must pay the toll agency directly and request them to email you to a Hold Release Letter stating that you paid your balance and that they have released the hold on your registration.
  • Driver License Suspended: If your driver license is suspended -for any reason including unpaid tickets. You must contact Clerk of Courts or the state DMV (850)-617-2000 to find the reasoning to why your license is suspended. If it’s due to unpaid tickets, you must pay those tickets off and get a D6 clearance. Once you get your D6 clearance stating your driver license is reinstated, you may contact us through email or telephone to resubmit your request.
  • Payment Issues: We will not process any registration renewals unless payment has been received. You can find your invoice through email and pay through PayPal. If we do not receive payment, then your registration will not be processed.
If you have not received your tags or registration within 7 days, Customer Support is available Monday through Friday, 9am-8p EST and Saturdays 9am-4pm EST. You can reach one of our friendly staff at 954-860-6029 where you can talk to a live representative or email us at browardtagservices@gmail.com. You can also go to our contact page and submit an inquiry to have us investigate the situation.