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We are currently providing next day service until further notice.


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As a private courier agency we value every worker and every client, and we strive to do our best to provide you with

Schedule an appointment to take advantage of the Next Day Pick Up Service. Your registration will be available for pick up by 5 pm the next day. So, Let’s Renew Today so you can pick up your renewals at our agency located at: 6750 Stirling Rd, Hollywood, FL 33024.


Process your renewal before 3 pm to have your registration deliver after 6 pm to your work or home next day. There is an extra fee of $15-20 for Next Day Delivery in Broward County. It’s that simple, convenient, fast, and amazing so let us make life easy and renew today!


At Broward Tags We Take Pride In Providing Great Customer Service And We Will Always Strive For Better! You Can Always Talk To A Friendly Staff Over The Phone And Not Worry About An Automated System. You Will Always Be Greeted And Taken Care Of Nicely When You Come Into Our Agency. Your Registration Will Always Be Handed Over To You With Love and Confidence. There’s Nothing Like Genuine Expertise! So Renew Today & Get Your Great Customer Experience!

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Registration Renewals couldn’t get any more convenient thanks to Broward Tags! We understand Life could get busy that our work and life schedule gets in the way of getting things done. Introducing Next Day Delivery and Next Day Pick Up Service to make life easier. You can now renew your registration online and pick it up by the end of the day or have it delivered to you at home or work. There is no need to wait in the mail, wait in long lines, or even come out of your way to get it done.
Fill out the renewal form choosing if you want your renewal delivered, picked up, or mail to your home. We will send you an invoice with a quote for your renewals through email and/or text message. Once we receive your payment your registration renewal will begin within 24 hours.

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Broward Tags is a licensed, bonded, and Insured privately sponsored courier service agency by both Broward County, Miami-Dade County and the surrounding communities. We are not operated by a government agency.




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